NPO Pry Bar

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Small, lightweight, and tougher than nails.

This small but mighty tool is hand/British-made from hardened 8670 high carbon steel, known for its exceptional strength and toughness.

Whether you’re opening boxes, prying open a paint can, or tackling a construction job, the Pry Bar is tough enough to handle any task. Don’t damage your good tools to do tasks they’re not designed for – the Pry Bar is the perfect solution.

Compact in size and lightweight construction, this tool is easy to maneuver in tight spaces, making even the toughest jobs a breeze to complete.


  • Pry Tool (of course!)
  • Bottle Opener
  • Ferro Striker
  • Jimping on the spine for grip or filing magnesium for lighting fires
  • Box/package Opener
  • Scraper

3 reviews for NPO Pry Bar

  1. Christopher Wright

    Such a great little tool to have, I have mine attached to my keys and it comes in handy on a daily basis

  2. Andy Nicholls

    Absolute rock solid piece of kit. I’d use this to move anything, buy one now, even if you only open bottles with it.

  3. Cameron Lewis

    Great piece of kit. Use it everyday at work. Definitely worth the money!

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