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Mindset Coaching

Elevate your potential with NOUGHT POINT ONE mindset coaches, Gareth Timmins and Shaunie Gibson.

Goal Acquisition Coaching

With personalised 1:1 guidance, Gareth Timmins or Shaunie Gibson help you create a compelling vision, design a tailored Systematic Framework, and ensure unwavering accountability. You’ll uncover profound insights, ignite life-altering changes, acquire invaluable psychological tools, gain fresh perspectives, and experience expert guidance, leading to profound “Mindset Shifts” and success-aligned lifestyle changes!


Gareth Timmins

Gareth Timmins is a former Royal Marines Commando, emerging behavioural/cognitive scientist turned published author of “Becoming the 0.1%: Thirty-four Lessons from the Diary of a Royal Marines Commando Recruit.”

Gareth specialisies in:

  • Male clients
  • Goal Acquisition
  • Lifelong Changes
  • Crafting Your Vision
  • Uncovering New Insights
  • Getting Through Adversity
  • The Systematic Framework
  • Business & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Accountability & Transformation
  • Empowering Psychological Tools


Shaunie Gibson

Shaunie, a mindset and performance coach, shares tools derived from overcoming personal challenges, excelling as a multi Hyrox Podium Athlete and 2-time World Championship competitor, and thriving in business technology. Certified in mindfulness coaching, she empowers individuals with actionable steps for their best selves.

Shaunie specialisies in:

  • Female Clients
  • Fear of Failure
  • Goal Setting & Success
  • Eating Disorder Recovery
  • Positive Mindfulness & Growth
  • Identity & Priority Management
  • Hyrox: Mindset & resilience training for performance


At NOUGHT POINT ONE, we believe in empowering individuals to reach their peak potential. Our pricing options are designed to provide you with the customised support you need to excel. Whether you’re seeking elite coaching or access to exclusive resources, we have a tier that suits your goals.


A personalised coaching session with Gareth or Shaunie. Diving deep into your goals, challenges, and aspirations, offering focused attention and support.

  • 1 x 1:1 coaching session with Gareth
  • Tailored strategies and actionable insights
  • Strategies for rapid growth

Purchase and download the goals worksheet and weekly/monthly accountability lifestyle check sheets to assist in behaviour change and goal attainment.

  • Goals attainment worksheet
  • Accountability check sheet

Shape your inspiring vision and experience transformative changes with expert guidance and psychological methods, gaining momentum for a fulfilling life.

  • Everything in the Foundation tier, plus…
  • 6 x personalised coaching sessions
  • Accountability

Outside of the sessions, Gareth or Shaunie is there for continuous support, encouragement, and accountability until significant change is realised.

  • Everything in the Tactical tier, plus…
  • 24/7 support and accountability
  • Nurturing online community

Let’s Work Together

Join countless others who have already experienced life-altering change through our coaching services. Fill out the contact form below and Gareth will personally review your submission and get in touch to discuss how our programs can help you achieve your goals.

    Measurable results are the name of the game

    Talking to Gaz weekly helped me to properly understand the impact mindset has on performance. He helped to make sense of how to approach challenges, stay motivated and understand my own strengths and weaknesses. This had a really positive impact on mental and physical performance. I highly recommend to anyone!

    StanRoyal Marines Commando Officer

    I started working with Gareth on a one-to-one basis in the aftermath of a significant injury, having listened to his book in hospital. His advice and support were invaluable in the early stages of my recovery, and the combination of mindset coaching and practical advice were just what was needed. He’s a brilliant person as well as an excellent coach and comes highly recommended.

    NaomiCoaching Client

    After going through a particularly turbulent time in my life I needed a new focus and wanted to push myself both mentally and physically. I wanted to kick start my journey to develop the necessary skills required to develop myself professionally, in my military career. Gaz held me accountable throughout which is what I needed. He provided constant support and feedback and helped me to analyse my performance and progress. He helped me overcome various obstacles and his lessons, coupled with the psychological tools he armed me with, have assisted me beyond the course and in every day life.

    LauraCoaching Client