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Functional Endurance Test

Created by Fred Silcock Coaching x RedPill Training in collab with NOUGHT POINT ONE

The Ultimate Test Of Mental + Physical Strength & Endurance

A test that allows participants to express their current level of strength & fitness, which also requires strategic thinking before, during & post-test. Providing individuals with a benchmark & objective measure of how they currently stack up.

An objective measure of your current fitness level

Understand your body’s strengths & limitations

Improve pacing strategies for retests, fitness competitions, and workouts.

Provide crucial data for program design to enhance performance *see bottom

Unleash your mental and physical strength with the Functional Endurance Test – a strategic journey that measures strength, reveals limitations, and guides you to peak performance. Supported by a vibrant community and expert guidance on your path to excellence. Try it out!

Gareth TimminsFounder, NOUGHT POINT ONE

The Functional Endurance Test

Below, you’ll find a detailed PNG chart outlining the key requirements for every part of the test.

Click image for a larger view

The Leaderboard

NameTimeAge Category
Dom Smith10:12:0020-29
Joe Bloggs11:02:0030-39
Gareth Timmins09:58:0030-39
David Beckham12:18:0030-39
Mos Def10:22:0020-29
Robert Glasper11:19:0040-49
Tom Misch14:02:0020-29
Mike Shinoda13:32:0040-49

How To Do The Test

Watch the walkthrough video from Fred Silcock, where he guides you through each part of the test, ensuring you’re prepared for every challenge.

Programming & Support

Join Fred Silcock Coaching for a transformative 3-6 month training journey, meticulously designed for progress. From establishing foundational strength to escalating workouts, culminating in peak performance for competition. Access our client hub for support resources, boosting your knowledge and fostering autonomy. Participate in workshops and guides focused on our three pillars to elite performance: Training Gains, Nutrition, and Mindset & Lifestyle.

Be a part of our lively ‘training team’ community for group support, motivation, and shared accountability. Embark on your path to peak performance with Fred Silcock Coaching.