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Functional Endurance Test

Created by Fred Silcock Coaching x RedPill Training in collab with NOUGHT POINT ONE

The Ultimate Test Of Mental + Physical Strength & Endurance

A test that allows participants to express their current level of strength & fitness, which also requires strategic thinking before, during & post-test. Providing individuals with a benchmark & objective measure of how they currently stack up.
An objective measure of your current fitness level
Understand your body’s strengths & limitations
Improve pacing strategies for retests, fitness competitions, and workouts.
Provide crucial data for program design to enhance performance *see bottom

Unleash your mental and physical strength with the Functional Endurance Test – a strategic journey that measures strength, reveals limitations, and guides you to peak performance. Supported by a vibrant community and expert guidance on your path to excellence. Try it out!

Gareth TimminsFounder, NOUGHT POINT ONE

The Functional Endurance Test

Below, you’ll find a detailed chart outlining the key requirements for every part of the test. Click here to watch a walkthrough video from Fred Silcock.

Click image for a larger view

The Leaderboard

Edd ClementsonPro23:36
Byran JacksonPro23:06
John BuckinghamOpen23:07
Josh RosePro23:28
George EdwardsPro23:54
Gareth TimminsPro24:01

Strength & Fitness Coaching

Completed the test & looking for a structured plan to improve your strength & fitness? Join ‘Fred Silcock Coaching’s’ Training Squad for a transformative 3-6 month (and beyond) training journey, meticulously designed to help clients progress in this test & compete in Hyrox competitions.

Training Program

Building through base, build, peak & compete phases.

Client Education

Developing the ‘smart athlete’.


Test, train, strategise, execute.


Group support, motivation & accountability.