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Public Speaking

Introducing our Speakers

Meet our diverse roster of experts, leaders, and influencers delivering inspiring speeches to various audiences. Explore this page to discover passionate individuals ready to inspire your next event. Click a profile photo to learn more.

Author & Former Royal Marines Commando

Gareth Timmins

Drawing on his own experiences and expertise in the field, Gareth delivers inspiring and thought-provoking talks that leave audiences feeling motivated and empowered. He connects with his listeners on a personal level, delivering practical advice and strategies that can be applied in both personal and professional contexts.

Gareth covers the following topics:

  • Finding Acceptance
  • Healthy Consistency
  • Is Mental Resilience, Resilient?
  • Failure & The Perception Of Adversity
  • Attention To Detail: ‘The Controller’ & ‘The Dismisser’
  • Getting Over Disappointment And Quickly Adapting To Change
  • The Transferability Of The ‘Military Mindset’ In Corporate Settings

“Gareths delivery was absolutely world class. He seamlessly motivated, educated and inspired our clients throughout. Everything he delivered was made relatable through anecdotes, and he provided Real World methods and applications for our coaches to utilise. His impact was fundamental and he was an absolute pleasure to work with”.

Matt Peacock - Director, The Optimised Coach

Hyrox Pro World Championship Athlete

Shaunie Gwen

Shaunie is a Level 1 CrossFit coach, PT and Hyrox Pro World Champion Qualifying Athlete.

Sport and competing have given Shaunie purpose and helped her overcome her previous struggles with anorexia. Over the past 8 years, Shaunie has dedicated herself to studying mental health, mindset behaviors, and women's performance, even completing her dissertation on body dysmorphia and the impacts of the health and fitness industry on women. With her unbreakable spirit, Shaunie continues to push her limits both mentally and physically, while inspiring and coaching others to take control of their own wellbeing.

Shaunie covers the following topics:

  • Eating Disorders & Fuelling your body for success
  • Mindset: Mental Toughness vs Resilience
  • Women’s Training: Breaking the Myths & Connotations
  • Athletic Performance: Controlling the controllables
  • Training Structures, Consistency & Routines
Former Leeds Rhinos Captain & England RL

Stevie Ward

Stevie is a former professional rugby player the Leeds Rhinos. Stevie has led himself through a dream of a career. He won two grand finals, two challenge cups and was named captain at just 26. Amongst the highs, Stevie endured 10 operations, several mental health struggles, and had to retire from a brain injury at the age of 27.

Stevie is now a captivating public speaker. He brings lessons to life through vivid storytelling and shatters the stigma around expressing how we truly feel as human beings.

Stevie's specialist topics are:

  • The Authenticity Game Plan
  • Psychological Safety
  • The Responsibility of Your Mental Health
Director Of Performance at the Stay Strong Collective

Will Foden

Will is an Ex professional rugby player who has 16 years coaching experience in the peak performance and wellness space. He now consults and educates driven individuals and teams on how to elevate their physical, mental and emotional performance.

Will has come back from career threatening injuries to competing in professional rugby, BJJ, completing ultra marathons and ironman competitions.

Some of his previous and current clients include previous One Championship MMA world champions, professional rugby players, tactical units and International combat athletes as well as consulting with global leaders and executives in the financial and pharmaceutical space on how to lead themselves and lead others through high impact behaviour.

Will's specialist topics are:

  • Athletic performance
  • Optimal and Peak performance Nutrition
  • Systemising High Impact Behaviour and Behaviour Change
  • Building influence, buy in and trust through communication





Gareth told his story with authenticity and openness that had us all engaged. His stories and anecdotes about harnessing the ability to adapt to the situation and work as a team during adversity were captivating. I am really enjoying the first book, and I’ve got the 2nd on pre-order. I look forward to sharing the leadership journey with Gareth in future.

Rohan Smith, Leeds Rhinos Head Coach

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