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Fortitude Elite

The Pre-Military Performance Programme integrates academic mindset and performance psychological coaching with specific periodised, scientific-based physical training methodologies, which offer flexibility, tailored and bespoke programming to each individual via our online delivery systems.

Courses run with only a specific number of people at any one time to ensure quality and a personal approach. Those on the course will receive one-on-one advice and direct telephone access to either Gareth or Ollie depended on the matter: Psychological or Physical Training.

Each progressive programme is periodised in a fashion that offers deloads and tapers, much like an athlete would before a competition or race. This approach has proven to allow for maximal physiological adaptations. Each programme also comes with a strength & conditioning element that offers prehabilitation that aims to prevent injuries.

Using science and the advanced understanding of physiology and psychology, we have created a structure that allows the performer to maximise their potential over a short period of time. Our coaching methods also educate the individual, allowing them to become better equip for when they leave the programme and start recruit training.

Therefore, this unique level of coaching and expertise provides pre-military joiners with the best possible tools and understanding to pass basic military training with greater understandings and insights into a scientific base of mental and physical practices.

How does the programme work?

The 6-week programme is delivered online via various communicate forums and dedicated chat groups. From here, the remote coaching begins. At the end of each week a group video call will be held with all participants and the 2 coaches will assess each performance – very much like a post competition de-brief. During these lessons, participants will be encouraged to reflect on how the week went, voice any concerns and the coaches will then set the following weeks training goals. Throughout, training will be monitored and adjusted on an individual basis and for general questioning and concerns all participants will have direct telephone and video access to each or both coaches.

It will truly be a unique and extremely rewarding experience that will fully prepare you for the vPJFT+ and Recruit Orientation Phase (ROP).

Cost £179

Gareth Timmins

Gareth Timmins

Gareth is a Mindset and Performance Coach.

He played professional Rugby League prior to joining the Royal Marines. During the past 6 years he has undergone the study of psychology earning a Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology and more recently a BSc (Hons) in Forensic Psychology.

Gareth intends to venture into (MSc) research on behavioural and human change and performance – exploring how the UK and international militaries can equip soldiers with necessary skills to cope with traumatic events in conflict. Also, how elite soldiers, athletes and business executives can perform better with new approaches and perspectives on cognitive performance strategies.

Ollie Osborne

Ollie is also a former Royal Marines Commando who has amassed over a decade of professional experience in elite military and sporting organisations.

He masterminded the Royal Navy Indoor Rowing Performance Programme coaching athletes to achieve and surpass their own personal records, which included British titles, British records and World Championship Medals. Prior to that, Ollie raced at 3 World Championships – achieving a 5th place and subsequently won 2 national titles.

Having served 12 years in the Armed Forces as a Physical Training Instructor, Ollie left the military and became the Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for the First Team at Plymouth Argyle FC in the English Football League One. He specialises in tailored and bespoke programming, strength & conditioning and scientific exercise methodologies.

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