The 0.1% Academy: Master the 7 Mindsets to Maintain Peak Performance (Signed Copy)



Winning once is often achievable. Winning again and again, is where true greatness lies.

Join The 0.1% Academy to learn how to maintain an elite mindset to consistently deliver a high performance and avoid burnout.

Performance facilitator and elite mindset coach Gareth Timmins was one of only 0.1% of Royal Marines Commando applicants to reach the end of the intensive and gruelling training, and to earn the coveted Green Beret, a world-renowned symbol of excellence.

By drawing on his life experiences after reaching this elite status, his subsequent research into psychological theory and observations from elite athletes, Timmins aims to break the commonly held assumption that people who achieve consistent successes, do so with ease. As if they are somehow unaffected mentally or emotionally by the events of everyday life.

This book deconstructs the attributes of a growth mindset, highlighting the positive and negative fluidity of thinking that can affect anyone – even at the highest level – if we don’t actively manage our wellbeing. By exploring a typical cycle of 7 different mindsets with a raw and honest approach, you will better understand how to sustain mental toughness and high performance in a professional capacity at work or in sport, and avoid the cognitive pitfalls that can lead to goal derailment. In doing so, The 0.1% Academy challenges the notion that ‘resilience remains resilient’.

Packed with proven, practical applications for building, maintaining and regaining cognitive performance, you can apply the lessons in the book to establish the correct prescription of thinking, avoid pitfalls and maintain successful professional outcomes for longer.

Such an approach will not only help individuals to enhance their performance but enrich corporate and team environments too.

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