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Becoming the 0.1% intricately and skilfully integrates the rich, raw experiences of a Royal Marines Commando recruit with contemporary academic insights in psychology – allowing the reader a unique and rare opportunity to (a) read the raw and harsh diary entries of a 20-year-old recruit, which document his uncertainties, hardships and anxieties and (b) to read the authors modern day reflection, interpretation and psychological understanding of those key moments whilst undertaking the toughest and longest military training course in the world.

In doing so, the reader will be able to apply each key lesson to all walks of life, ultimately allowing them the opportunity to adopt a 0.1% mindset and apply it to any goal or aspiration.

Out of every 110 – 120 hopefuls who start the Potential Royal Marines Course (PRMC) only 10 – 20 go on to complete training as original troop members

It could be argued, the road to achieving the Coveted Green Beret is one of the most difficult undertakings in the world. This multi-layered book offers a step by step insight and psychological recipe to achieve that goal and consequently, all other goals and challenges in life. The diary entries are incredibly raw and offer unedited accounts from what was written during 2005/6, giving the book authenticity.

Becoming the 0.1% is an insightful, easy to read book aimed at anyone seeking to learn what it takes to become a Royal Marines Commando. The author offers a glimpse into the mind, trials, and tribulations of his young self, unsure and soul searching, accompanied with his now academic grounding in Psychology to offer every reader a truly rare and comprehensive learning experience.

This book documents the uncertain journey towards achieving a 1/1000 goal, intricately unpicks how it was done and offers transferrable insight and advice that can be applied to other things in life so the reader can achieve large and often intimidating goals. The strong message that comes through is one of self-agency – the author demonstrates how with focus & determination and living in the present, anyone can achieve dramatic life transformation and have the future they desire.

Becoming the 0.1%, therefore, systematically documents what can be learnt from elite military training and explains with experience and academic insights how it can be applied to all walks of life.