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This course is a 4-week periodised training package that introduces you to physical training and our elite training methods.

Over 4 weeks, you will be gradually built up and will slowly become accustom to the principles of physical training.

This programme is steered towards the less experienced pre-military joiner(s) and as such, our sessions are delivered in more manageable chunks allowing you to learn the basics and progress at a comfortable pace around your daily commitments.

Cost: £55

“The time, dedication and detail that Ollie and Gaz put into your course group and you as an individual is outstanding. If you’re going to put max effort into the course you will see massive improvements, not just in fitness but how you approach sessions, and day to day things mentally. The knowledge Gaz and Ollie have on Strength & Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Psychology and military life are all things that you will learn throughout the course. This will benefit you no matter what stage you’re at with joining the military.”


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