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The Pre-Military Performance Programme integrates academic mindset and performance psychological coaching with specific periodised, scientific-based physical training methodologies, which offer flexibility, tailored and bespoke programming to each individual via our online delivery systems.

By selecting this training course, you will receive one-on-one coaching, advice, and direct telephone access to either Gareth or Ollie depended on the matter: Mindset or Physical Training.

Each progressive programme is periodised in a fashion that offers deloads and tapers, much like an athlete would before a competition or race. This approach has proven to allow for maximal physiological adaptations. Each programme also comes with a strength & conditioning element that offers prehabilitation that aims to prevent injuries.

“The time, dedication and detail that Ollie and Gaz put into your course group and you as an individual is outstanding. If you’re going to put max effort into the course you will see massive improvements, not just in fitness but how you approach sessions, and day to day things mentally. The knowledge Gaz and Ollie have on Strength & Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Psychology and military life are all things that you will learn throughout the course. This will benefit you no matter what stage you’re at with joining the military.”


Using science and the advanced understanding of physiology and psychology, we have created a structure that allows the performer to maximise their potential over a short period of time. Our coaching methods also educate the individual, allowing them to become better equip for when they leave the programme and start recruit training.

Therefore, this unique level of coaching and expertise provides pre-military joiners with the best possible tools and understanding to pass basic military training with greater understandings and insights into a scientific base of mental and physical practices.

How does the programme work?

The 8-week programme is delivered online via various communicative forums and dedicated chat groups. From here, the remote coaching begins. At the end of each week a video call will be held with you (possibly other participants) and the two coaches. Here, a weekly performance debrief will take place – very much like a post competition de-brief. During these sessions, participants will be encouraged to reflect on how the week went, voice any concerns and the coaches will then set the following weeks training goals. Throughout, training will be monitored and adjusted on an individual basis and for general questioning and concerns all participants will have direct telephone and video access to each or both coaches.

It will truly be a unique and extremely rewarding experience that will fully prepare you for the vPJFT+, the Recruit Orientation Phase (ROP), or other pre-military joining requirements. 

Cost £125

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“Best of the best, No better educated coaches around. After getting on the course and receiving the endless flow of support from Gaz and Ollie, I’ve become the strongest version of myself. I start training with the Royal Marines in 7 days and I’m now going into that with the best physical condition and mental resilience I’ve ever had. Top blokes, top programme, top results. Don’t mess about with the idea, get on a course asap.”


“Just a quick note for anybody deciding whether or not to sign up for the Fortitude Course. Before the course (5 weeks ago) my absolute best effort 1.5 mile return was 9:59, I have just completed 2 x 1.5 mile best efforts in 9:17 and 9:19 respectively. The coaching, guidance and support you receive on the course is second to none and worth 3 times the price it costs. If anyone is on the fence about it, just do it, you’ll realise it was worth it after the first day.”