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The team at Fortitude Elite are pleased to announce two new corporate packages for prospective clients.

The first package is based upon our leadership team providing motivational speaking for large or small groups. Our team can come and provide unique insight into the Royal Marines Mindset and how some of these mental skills can be leveraged and used in the corporate world to achieve a collective 0.1% Elite Edge. We will also share some of our stories from the military world and relate back the lessons learned in life after the battlefield, and demonstrate how such experiences are widely transferable and effective in corporate settings.

The second package is a unique team building weekend event for executive teams to come and get a small insight into what it takes to become a Royal Marine Commando, and the importance of building a team spirit in a very short space of time.

This weekend away will see your team undertake a number of mental and physical challenges, and our instructors will push your team to their limits in an effort to show you how teamwork and pushing your mental and physical limits can harness huge benefits for your daily working lives, thus helping your long-term career aspirations.

“Amazing course, can not fault one bit!

The course comprises of two different aspects – the physical program ran by Ollie and the mental side ran by Gaz. Both of which are excellently delivered by the team.

Ollie has a wealth of Knowledge and helps tailor the course to your physical needs, throughout the 6-week training program. His coaching style and approach helped me hit many ‘Personal Bests’ and I can’t wait to continue to improve under his tutelage.

Gaz and his Psych lessons are amazing and will give you the tools you need to undertake any goal you may have and complements the physical aspect perfectly! Mentally, I am in a much stronger place and feel as if I have an edge on other Royal Marine applicants now.

Overall, if you want results – join this course!!

If you want to join the forces – join this course!!



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