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The Founder

Gareth Timmins

Gareth Timmins is a former Royal Marines Commando, emerging behavioural/cognitive scientist turned published author of: Becoming the 0.1%: Thirty-four Lessons from the Diary of a Royal Marines Commando Recruit.

Having previously completed a BSc (Hons) in Forensic Psychology, Gareth is currently exploring PhD Research – focusing on how humans Gauge Atmospheres in life-threatening situations, and the link between Rapid Decision-making under pressure and the application of effectiveness in Corporate Environments.

Becoming the 0.1%

While undertaking the thirty-four weeks of Commando training in 2005/06, at the tender age of twenty years old, he documented his experiences by keeping a never-before captured diary of elite military training. Within his debut book, Gareth utilised his academic grounding to produce and integrate thirty-four unique psychological lessons that people can utilise to achieve cutting-edge, performance thinking and develop an elite mindset.


In 2019, Gareth founded Nought Point One – an emerging performance clothing brand that predominantly focuses on functional and high-intensity activewear – inspired by the operational requirements of the Royal Marines. The brand also specialises in mindset, self-help and smart thinking published literature, while supporting elite human endeavours striving to make a difference to the planet and its inhabitants.

Public Speaking

Drawing on his own experiences and expertise in the field, Gareth delivers inspiring and thought-provoking talks that leave audiences feeling motivated and empowered. He connects with his listeners on a personal level, delivering practical advice and strategies that can be applied in both personal and professional contexts.